All Good That G-d Gives



Heaps of delicious ingredients could go to utter waste

If a little bit of salt doesn’t coax out amazing taste

A big bucket of white paint can be still whiter when

A little bit of black is added to that paint can

Scents of blossoms and other aromas so delicate

Smell sweeter yet with a drop of whale vomit

Many are the blessings we once thought was a curse

Who then is to judge what is bad in our universe?

Based upon a lecture by Rabbi S. Green of


There is a verse that says “mee’pee Elyon Loh Saytzay Ha’raos” from the mouth of the Almighty does not come forth the bad.  There is no such thing as saying anything G-d does is bad.  In fact, we are told that we must make a blessing on the bad, just as we do on the good, for all is really, in essence good, though we might not see it with our limited vision.


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