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A Unique Being in the Circle of Holiness

In this week’s Parsha (Verse 52) we read:  “the Jews should camp, each man by his camp, each by his flag, according to their divisions.”  Sardines in a can is not the style of Judaism.  No headless, interchangeable beings.  Individuality … Continue reading

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The Pully Mishap (and not fighting)

 [This account, surprisingly, is true, as told by a lawyer who saw the deposition of the brilliant worker who did this.]  Figgerin’ a bucket of rocks and cement can be used as ballast I tied the other end of rope to … Continue reading

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A LITTLE CLOUD PASSED RIGHT BY – A Lesson in Determination

Aloft within a cage of steel suspended motion by machination Arms clutching armrests in unrest my soul, it wants to fly. Flip slip-winds whistle news of doom You what?  You why?  You inconsequential! My head bows, missions left unmet futile … Continue reading

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