You ARE the Star – names go beyond stars

Much of what folks do in the brief span of a lifetime is try to beat back, uselessly, against death.  We are born, heading to die.  And we fight it with every fiber of our being, without even realizing it.  We want to live forever, whether in fame or in years.

Millions of folks worldwide submitted their names and addresses to NASA to put on a chip to send to the moon.  Ya’ think they want to live past their deaths somewhere vaster than on earth?



My friends, we are taught that when a person lives up to the potential of one’s soul, G-d calls out the person’s name.  In fact, we are taught that the calling out is the same way the stars are dispersed about and subsequently gathered in.   In other words, you, my beloved friend, have more energetic potential, more transcending and ever-lasting power, than even the brightest, biggest star.

Now for two weeks recently I’ve been kinda obsessed with the Holocaust.  Not really that odd as my great-grandparents and many kin were stars burned in Auschwitz.  What rattled me was reading the testimony in Yad Vashem of a great-uncle Aron Davidovic which I recently found and didn’t know existed.  And then, discussing it with family, found out more members of the Davidovici family had survived, but had assimilated, some in France and some elsewhere, away from the family and away from the Jewish nation.

You see, black holes, can suck in stars if the stars end up too near to the black hole.  Blackness, my friends, is the absence of light, the absence of spirituality.  Even bright Jewish stars can be sucked into black holes.  Nazi blackness sucked in the stars of my wonderful family.  And, a person, can face despair, thinking of this.  How horrific, how final it seems.  I was at that point this past week, thinking why and what and how does one see goodness in that blackness.

Do you know that the star sucked in will emit huge energies outward, projecting light beyond the black hole it has been sucked into?  My great-grandparents were not obliterated.  The huge spiritual energy that erupted when they were sucked into the Auschwitz gas chamber or killed in the Debreczen ghetto is still blasting forth.

But…of my cousins who were sucked into the black hole of assimilation….do they emit any spiritual force, too?  Do those souls who don’t live to the full mission entrusted to their souls do the star fade-away, just stopping to emit energy and just sitting there a dwarfed being?

Not sure.  But here’s to hoping every soul lives life blazingly bright, daringly glowing, and called its own unique name by G-d…which goes beyond any space rover NASA might load with written names.




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