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G-d Cannot be Denied, my friends, for Every Soul KNOWS G-d

[reposting this from two years ago – hoping this time it gets read by someone who needs to read it…] Wacked out.  Even the Wall Street Journal had to give the research column time, with an article A Divine Way … Continue reading

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Creating Ourselves- Making Our Spiritual Fortunes

Did you ever read rags-to-riches books, where the hero starts out with nothing and builds an empire and huge bank account?  Many of the richest Americans did just that, starting out on a low rung and working their way up, … Continue reading

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Pigeons and Sparrows — And Attitude Problems

Of Pigeons and Sparrows and Attitudes A pigeon looked in at me today His unblinking eye caught mine “I am on this sill to stay, As I like this spot just fine.” He settled himself right down Preened his feathers … Continue reading

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The Court Case Against the Wind

[I have some stories that I keep telling the little kids who clamor for me to retell it and retell it.  And since some newly minted Mommies keep asking me for stories to tell their own children, slowly I’ll share … Continue reading

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GIVING – That’s the Entire Torah – -CHESED – Loving-kindness

[In anticipation of Shavuos, the holiday coming up this week, the next few posts will be about that holiday. Reminder of translation Hashem=G-d.] On Shavuos we read the scroll of Ruth, “Megillas Rus”.  We are taught that this saga of … Continue reading

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