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Thunk before Speech…or you speak bunk

Having learned English through my parents’ accents, my speech was decidedly off-mark on some pronunciations when younger.  I took “meditzin” when sick, counted out “fivty, sixdy,” and other such bon mots.  As time went on, matters got much worse as … Continue reading

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HaKezonah – Jewish Girls Should Not Be Hefker

There is a young woman who has strength beyond words.  I am amazed by the girl who brought Nechemya Weberman to justice, that she was courageous enough to step forward, that she was strong enough to withstand pressure and that … Continue reading

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Bays — second letter of Hebrew alphabet

continuation in the Hebrew language lessons, with the introduction of the second Ois/letter of the Alef Bet.  Numerically, this letter has the value of 2. בּ Bays is this letter which can mean home (Bayit) a structure of shelter And … Continue reading

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