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Sorting out the Fakers – not that easy, after all

This week’s Torah portion is about a mistake our nation made in the past.  We were set to head into Eretz Yisroel just a short span of time after leaving slavery.  And we got cold feet.  As a stalling tactic, … Continue reading

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YIGDAL – Becoming Greater Through Restraint of Anger

Yigdal Nah – In this week’s Torah portion, the Jews mess up with the sin of the spies (chayt ha’meraglim). The whole story is quite tragic. The Jews were poised to enter Israel. They send a posse of spies to … Continue reading

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Pride in Getting the Job Done (not only the star role is beloved by G-d)

This week’s Torah Portion, Parshas Naso, has a continuation of the count of the Levite families and the jobs assigned in the carrying of the Tabernacle.  In Chapter 4, verse 22, it says, “Count the sons of Gershon, also them.” … Continue reading

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Mount Sinai’s Modesty Crowned it With Blossoms

There is a custom to put up greenery and have flowers all over our house in anticipation for Shavuos, for we are taught that G-d made Mount Sinai blossom with beautiful blooms at the giving of the Torah. There once … Continue reading

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Megilas Rus Explained

There are 70 interpretations on every word of Torah. Clearly, to go through that many is not feasible.  I try to stick with Rashi here and sometimes with other commentators. CHAPTER I Verse 1: And it was in the day … Continue reading

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Shavuos: Aseres HaDibros Accepted Once Again (Ten Commandments)

On Shavuos, the Aseres HaDibros are read in Shul.  It is the right thing to stand during this reading and accept upon ourselves the same enthusiastic commitment that was undertaken at Mt. Sinai a few thousand years ago. The Torah … Continue reading

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Ruth Shows Us Importance of Threshing: discarding bad, retaining good

In Megillas Rus, we see the account of Rus gathering the stalks of grain in order to keep herself and her mother-in-law alive.  The first day of work was done, and the Megillah tells us: “Va’tachbot es Asher Leekaytah” she … Continue reading

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