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Written Torah Definitely Got an Oral Torah Alongside It

There are various times in the written Torah that it is quite obvious that what was written was merely the tip of the iceberg and myriads of detailed Torah law was given alongside it.  This is the proofs to those … Continue reading

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The Levers Called Prayer

If ever you want candies galore The place to head to is a candy store Rows and rows of jars and bins All with yummy candies withinBut, wait, my friend, how do you go about Making sure the candies slide … Continue reading

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We’re the Future of the Past, and the Past of the Future

You can meet your past going toward your future or try to travel to the future and end up in your past.  That, dear friends, is a premise of non-linear time and the theory of Godel.  Within Torah thought, past … Continue reading

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This World = Camera Obscura. Next World, Right Side Up.

When inside it is inky dark and outside there is bright light, and if there happens to be a small chink in the obscuring darkness through which some light can enter, well then life gets a bit interesting. The image … Continue reading

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