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Civilizations Crumble — But Torah Outlives All

King Solomon (in Koheles) writes “Dor Holaych, Vdohr Bah” one generation goes, one generation comes.  Yawn, how boring, how the same.  The rise of a people who think they’ve discovered it all, just to leave behind their ruins and shells … Continue reading

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No Ego in Betzalel or Moshe

Chosen to execute the detailed plans of the Tabernacle vessels was a man named Betzalel.  The reason he was chosen is alluded to in his name.  Betzalel can be read “b’tzel kel” in the shadow of G-d.  A shadow is … Continue reading

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STRIDE FORWARD To Find Solutions

At 18, like all teens, I thought I was ready to face the world alone, so off I went abroad.  It was my first foray into the great unknown, and having never been on an airplane, I excitedly anticipated new … Continue reading

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