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Etch-A-Sketch Mornings

STARTING EACH DAY WITH A CLEAN SLATE A child sits with Etch-a-Sketch, doodling to heart’s content To become the next great artist is clearly her intent Yet, though she aims to make some art, scribble-scrabble  is what appears So with … Continue reading

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Learning to Take (Giving is Fun, but Taking is Needed Too)

My parents always were givers. Taking was an art they never learned, nor ever wanted to learn.  Giving gifts to my parents was considered high treason in my home.  Give them something, and they would shoot you disapproving looks of … Continue reading

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You Are Just Like Me — Green Queen

Many years ago, I attended a lecture about Purim presented by Rabbi Henry Harris at Aish HaTorah.  The rabbi was discussing why everyone, from righteous Mordechai to wicked Haman, loved Esther and claimed her as their own.  She had ultimate … Continue reading

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