The Song of the Fox

[Each force in nature sings a song of sorts.  And each one teaches us something.  And here, for the children (and for the child in all of us) is the fox narrative.]

Sneaky guy, creeping along trying to trick one and all

Plush red fur, so soft to touch, beautiful is the Shu’al

Slyly, wily, tiptoeing to find new ways to steal

Never has he earned his food, he robs for every meal

Oy, vah voy, what does he think, that happy this way he’d be

No way, my friend, no happiness can come from robbery

Shame on the one who builds a home full of lies and cheating

There is no good taste in anyone’s mouth, if stolen food you’re eating

Yaakov Aveenu was able to be honest even when a Lavan tricks him

And if someone steals, like the fox, Hashem will shortly fix him.


About jewishspectacles

Jewish Spectacles-the kind you look through, not the kind you create!
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