Mount Sinai’s Modesty Crowned it With Blossoms

There is a custom to put up greenery and have flowers all over our house in anticipation for Shavuos, for we are taught that G-d made Mount Sinai blossom with beautiful blooms at the giving of the Torah.

There once was a hill, petite and unadorned

Completely brown, and totally scorned

Within the competition it stood no chance

So plain, it merited no second glance

Yet, deep within its bowels it was content

Knowing that its contours were Heaven sent

Who needs breadth, who needs height

As long as one knows one is doing one’s task right

So little Har Sinai sat there snug in a desert spot

Saying to itself, G-d never wanted me to be a big shot

Up in Heavens, tape measures are not the same as on Earth

So this little hillock had no idea of its proper worth

You see height is beautiful, so is bountiful vegetation

But humbleness has Heavenly approval beyond equation

Came time for G-d to give the Torah to the Jews

And what was needed was a mountain with celestial views

Upon which the Torah would be showcased and G-d’s presence would alight

And thereupon erupted a worldwide mountain fight

Each mountain, each hill, each austere earth projection

Thought they would be ideal for such designation

Hah, think what you will, o’ mountain tops

You flowering, well-dressed, forested fops

Beauty is as beauty does goes the adage

and boasting and fighting don’t make for a good visage

Hence the Torah was given on Sinai, small in stature, great in refinement

And G-d made sure to give Sinai a full-scale cosmetic enhancement

Taller than tall, matching Har Sinai’s beauty that was internal

G-d enhanced and beautified this mountain’s external

In a blast of color, exotic blooms suddenly sprouted along the hill

And every bare spot was filled with green, plush grass fill

The glory will forever go to those who seek it not

Blessings from G-d are the modest one’s lot.

So this Shavuos, as we pretty up our homes with green things that flower

We must realize that inner beauty is the one with lasting power!

May we all merit to be “mountains” that G-d beautifies and glorifies this Shavuos.


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