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King David’s Focus — allows him to ignore abuse

Tutoring a girl, I had the chance to relearn the story of Dovid and Goliath.  There are many lessons embedded in that story.  Yet, the one that we zeroed in on was the message about knowing your focus. The story in recap: … Continue reading

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Supporting Torah Learners Carries Us

Aron Nosay Ess Nosav – The Ark Bears Its Bearers It was a momentous day.  The Aron[g1] , the most precious of Jewish possessions, was finally being brought back to where it belonged.  For years it had languished in captivity, but … Continue reading

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If you don’t like dogfood, by golly, do settle down.

My father warned us kids long before we even started the dating circuit.  He’d ask, “Where do the single guys and gals who were swingers and never married end up?”  My father would then answer his own question, “All those … Continue reading

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