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The Levers Called Prayer

If ever you want candies galore The place to head to is a candy store Rows and rows of jars and bins All with yummy candies withinBut, wait, my friend, how do you go about Making sure the candies slide … Continue reading

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Ya’ gotta put in effort into life — THEN G-d helps!

Our weekly Torah portion begins with the word Vayishlach – and he sent.  Yaakov sends messengers to Eisav.  Verse 5:  Yaakov instructs his messengers to tell Eisav “im lavan Gartee” I lived with Lavan.  What was the point of saying … Continue reading

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Our Service Down Here Aimed at the Temple Up There

Walking along a lakeshore one day, you spot a panoramic scene in the water.  There are beautiful trees and mountains, soaring birds, all captured by the clear surface of water.  It is so crystal clear you think that is where … Continue reading

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Spill Out Your Heart Like Water

Spill Out Your Heart Like Water [Some quick lessons in meanings.  Tefilla means prayer and in Yiddish we say Davening for praying.  King David said:  Shifchi Kamayim Leebaych Nochach Pnay Hashem – -Spill out your heart like water facing G-d.] … Continue reading

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