The Levers Called Prayer

If ever you want candies galore
The place to head to is a candy store
Rows and rows of jars and bins
All with yummy candies withinBut, wait, my friend, how do you go about
Making sure the candies slide out?Look below the bin and you’ll see a lever
To get to the candies you don’t have to be cleverAll you need to do is give it a push or pull
And soon your waiting bag will be candy-full!

Up in Heavens there are blessings galore
Waiting in Hashem’s treasure store
The lever we use to get things from Above
Is to daven to Hashem with extra loveDaily prayers get things moving from high to low
The sun and the rain that allow things to grow
Personal prayers work wonders, too
Which bring us the gifts needed for me and you.

There are times when a lever gets quite stuck
And it seems those who want candy are out of luck
But then along comes a mighty man of muscle
And with the lever he begins to tussle
This way, that way, pound and squeeze
Until the stuck lever he manages to unfreeze
So, too, great people are often in pain
But their pain is what gives us our gain
Because when from pain they pray with passion
They flood the world with blessings in free-flowing fashion
With their spiritual muscles they get the levers going
And to all of us, not just them, all the blessings then come flowing.
So my friend, if you have pain in your life right now
G-d thinks you can unstuck a lever of blessings, somehow.
Pray nonstop, pray with all your spiritual might
Because YOU are probably the one to set blessing chutes just right.


About jewishspectacles

Jewish Spectacles-the kind you look through, not the kind you create!
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