Creator of the World – Analysis Rather than Blind Faith Recommended by Chovos Halevovos

There are three premises from which you can see that the world has a Creator.

  1. A thing does not make itself.
  2. Things are caused by things (chain reaction).   Somewhere up the chain there must be a first cause.
  3. Anything finite was created

Or as Rav Amnon Yitzchok says it, you are proof Hashem exists.  How?  You exist.  Now there are two possibilities.  Either you created yourself or you were created.  If you created yourself, then that is an untruth, because then you already existed before you existed in order for “you” to create yourself.  So that is not possible logically.  Which means you had to be created.  Period.  That means there had to be a Creator.  And if you take the argument that life is about cyclical infinity, my mother created me and her mother created her, etc. (perpetual existence), at a certain point you have to go back to the second premise of Rabbi Yehuda, which is that somewhere in that chain you will have to say, but who created the first person who created the second.  Another way to say it is in a math way – anything finite has an end and a beginning.  People have an end, they must have a beginning, which means something must have “begun” them.  At a certain point, you have to concede there is an infinite Creator.

Now, since we live in a time where folks think the theory! of evolution is truth, then let us take that angle and take it to its end.  There was a big bang.  Okay, if I’m stupid enough to believe that, I still have to ask, what banged.  Oh, some gas (a great big burp created the world).  Then I’m back to a Creator, because where did the gas come from.  If it existed, it had to have been put into existence, which means, even if I buy into evolution, I have to admit there must have been a Creator somewhere in the beginning to have created the gasses that bumped into each other during the big bang.

Let us do another analysis.  We are made up of components, which had to be put together intelligently.  This shows there is a Being of Intelligence who designs and put together the components.  This, by the way, is why many physicists do not believe in evolution, because there is “intelligent design” in the way the world is set up.  Even more, there is a delicate balance in those components, a harmony and symmetry.  If a child sits by a piano and bangs on the key, there is no song.  Someone who learned that chords and notes express music, can put together music.  When you hear a sonata, when you hear a few bars of classical music, you know without a shred of doubt someone composed it – music doesn’t bump out like that when a kid bangs on the keys.  There is such beauty in the way the world is running, there is no doubt, when you study physics, that there is a “composer” of the world.   In fact, says Rabbi Yehuda, what is more amazing is that composite materials that should not be able to exist together, do so in nature, which means that beyond seeing the intelligence of putting together the composite materials into structures supporting life (which proves G-d), the way they are put together in ways that make no physical sense, underlines the “Hakol Yachol” anything is possible with G-d aspect of G-d.



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