A Unique Being in the Circle of Holiness

In this week’s Parsha (Verse 52) we read:  “the Jews should camp, each man by his camp, each by his flag, according to their divisions.”  Sardines in a can is not the style of Judaism.  No headless, interchangeable beings.  Individuality within Torah parameters is what we are to do.  Each shevet [tribe] was supposed to have its own customs and its own identity.  Each person should remember that within Torah, there is a huge amount that allows for individuality, for expressing your own unique self.  After all, you do have a unique mission.  G-d created you because you are uniquely needed.

The Ohel Moed [Tabernacle] had to rest in the center of all the camps – directly in the middle.  The Chofetz Chaim explains that is to show that Torah is accessible to everyone equally.  That is why we place the Bimah in the synagogue in the center of the synagogue.   You have as equal a shot as me.  That, by the way, is also why circle dances are a big thing by us Jews.  Because in a circle dance, no one is in front and no one in back.  No one is on the side.  Every person is equally spaced, a unique being part of a greater whole.


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