A LITTLE CLOUD PASSED RIGHT BY – A Lesson in Determination

Aloft within a cage of steel

suspended motion by machination

Arms clutching armrests in unrest

my soul, it wants to fly.

Flip slip-winds whistle news of doom

You what?  You why?  You inconsequential!

My head bows, missions left unmet

futile it seems to try.

As I look out at the vast blue sky

a little cloud passes right by

No cumulative heavy thundercloud

no weight of evaporated masses

Actually just a mere wisp of a cloud

barely streaking the blue

Making no statement with loud thunderclap

just set on things he must do.

Tumbling onwards, headlong in the sky

swiftly his mist whispers by

Off to life’s task, the cloud bundles his form

onward, racing with time as it passes.

Gauzy reason, webbed with mist

belies a crystal clear declaration

supplying answers on how to have aim

simply continue to do.

Heavens abound, the space is set

vast horizons stretch full of expectations

since there is so much for me to attain

I must surge forward, too!


About jewishspectacles

Jewish Spectacles-the kind you look through, not the kind you create!
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