Tzama Nafshi – Sating a Thirsting Soul

During one of her pregnancies, someone craved ice chips in a major sort of way.  She would sit in front of her non-frost-free freezer some nights, having finished her ice cubes in record time, and chip away any ice she could from the buildup.

There are children who will eat things like paint and sand and even feces.  Like the ice-craving pregnant woman, their body is calling out for weird foods.  Excuse me, while I go chew on that wall for a while.

Now we can chuckle about it, but it is no laughing matter.  Pica[1], the name of the disorder, often stems from a lack of iron or zinc in the body.  The body is calling out for something, but somewhere in the brain there is a lack of clarity about what the body needs.  Therefore, the person is stuck craving inadequate substitutes that have traces of what the body lacks.  Iron pills would have cleared up the ice chip craving quickly and that woman could have spared herself sleepless nights in front of a freezer.

Within each of us is a spark of Divine, something called our soul.  And the soul, too, has cravings.  It wants to forge a deep relationship with its Creator, wants to connect with Eternity and Spirituality.

Ever note how everyone wants to name drop and show you how they know someone famous?  See there, that’s my photo of me with Hillary, as if we’re on a first-name-basis, Hil-and-I go way back when, or other such nonsense.  What causes folks to do that?

It is our soul chewing ice chips.  We want to connect with G-d, greater than all of us, but we don’t realize it and try to rub shoulders with rich, famous or other folks we might view as “great” in their own way.

Much of what we do, unfortunately, feeds us the same way.  We try for happiness and spirituality in ways that are inadequate because our soul is so thirsty we try to sate it, this way and that, and none really stilling that urge that tells us more, more and more.

When dealing with physical Pica disorders, medical practitioners are instructed to do a blood panel to try to see what the body might be missing.  Then, when a deficiency is noted, it is easy to prescribe the diet or supplements that would stop the disorder.

Spiritually, we ought to do a panel of our innards every now and then, see how close we feel to truth and see how much we adhere to a healthy spiritual diet.  For then, we might avoid eating sand and turd.  We might avoid spiritual scams.

[1] For more information about PICA, you can read here

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