Every Person Counts in Klal Yisroel — All for one and one for all


KI SISA – WHEN YOU COUNT is most often the translation given.  Yet, the words Kee Seesa actually means “when you lift up”.  The point of the count was to raise the self-esteem of each person counted.    YOU COUNT, my friend, to G-d and to our nation.

When Jews are to be counted, they should not be counted numerically.  Rather, they donate a half-shekel coin and the coins are then counted.  Everyone has something to contribute, is the message to us.

Why only a half-coin?  To teach us that no person is a whole entity on his own.  We need each other.

(Maturity at 20 – only those aged 20 and older are counted. That is the age of a sense of understanding ramifications of our actions. That is why a person is not liable for the death penalty by Heaven until this age. )

Verse 15:  “the rich cannot give more, the poor cannot give less’ – all are equal in the eyes of G-d.   When it comes to exemplifying the importance of every single soul, G-d orders us to signify each soul is equally important to Him.

More to follow, my friends, who all “count”

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