Putting Up An Adar Sign

Gutten Chodesh, my friendly readers.  Adar starts tomorrow, a month of joy for our nation.  The Minhag [custom] is to put up a sign that signals this, a visual reminder that we are supposed to be focused on happiness.  The sign is supposed to read:  “Meeshehnichnahs Adar Marbim B’Simchah” which means “From when Adar starts we add on to joy.”  Each day of this month we build upon the previous one, trying for a bit more of happiness in our life.

A custom, but do many do it?  All too often, folks think, ah, it’s just a customary thing to do, not an obligation.  There is a verse in Shir Hashirim that talks about “shoo’alim, shoo’alim ketanim mechablim”.  There are many interpretations what the “small, foxes destroying” our orchard might signify.  Visualize the picture, the small, lithe fox slipping in under a gate, quietly, stealthily.  No one notices that small fox there…until it is too late, until the little fox has eaten its fill and destroyed the luscious grapes found therein.

According to one interpretation, the small fox is signifying those who break with tradition/custom, those who say, “Oh, it’s only a Minhag.”

Observance doesn’t take a hit right away in the history of our people.  First, there are the “nibblers” the circumstances and folks who sneak into the “orchard” and destroy it by trivializing customs.

 To ensure our homes are bulwarks of faith where observance grows securely, we must make sure to guard even the small Minhagim, every small custom.

Nu, what are you waiting for – go ahead, put up that sign in your house.


And a song by Ahron Razel with the words: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sztNFzy504


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