[The creepy bugs sing songs of praise to their Maker, making their yuck factor go down just by a little bit in my eyes.  They sing:  “Yismach yisroel b’osav bnay tziyon b’malkum”.]

Beetles and cockroaches and other creepy bugs you find

Are the kind of visitor that most of us seem to mind

When they come along, even Miss Muffet runs away

Most people, when they see a bug, don’t want the bug to stay

But if by chance you’d say Hello, the Sheretz might wave its feet

And might by chance sing to you a serenade so sweet

That bug would say, with voice so clear, be happy you’re a Jew

Because you get to serve Hashem who created you

And every creature, you too my friend, are worthy of our love

Because all of us, even creepy crawlies, were created by the One Above.

[Some believe that when you have a problem with a pest/animal, that pest is just there to teach you to fix up your inner flaws that are outlined by the verse which the pest is master of saying.  For a  humorous but inspiring account of one such incident, read My Rat’s Tale by Sara Y. Rigler at http://www.aish.com/sp/so/48909007.html  — and here is another person’s tale as told by Rabbi Paysach Krohn and retold here http://www.yihillcrest.org/dvarshuki/Behalotcha08.html]

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