Perek Shira -The Snail Sings (and hides)

[continuing on in Perek Shira, we hear the snail sing a verse from Psalms (58:9) that talks about how our exile will melt away…]

Because there are many dangers in which a snail could be found

The snail goes about lugging his home around

This gives him a safe place where to hide

Any time he’s threatened, he pops back inside.

As we Jews wander from land to land and through tribulations

We must remember to take our Torah to all our destinations

For like the shell gives the snail a safe place into which to flee

So does the Torah give our nation its security.

As the snail crawls along, he leaves behind traces of slimy goo

That melts and disappears as quickly as a wink or two

As fast as the disappearing goo the snail puts in place

So too will the Jewish exile melt without a trace.

So the snail sings out, it might be tough, but hold on, my dear Jew

For the exodus will come quickly, speedily, any day for you.


and another person’s take on the Shira/song of the snail can be read here:


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