Yonah – the Dove, Symbol of Peace (depends on G-d)

Once long ago, when men did bad, G-d rained on their parade

But saved one family and some animals in an ark that Noah made

Submerged in boiling water, the earth turned into watery graves

And bobbing merrily up on top, was the ark riding the waves

When the rain had ceased, the drainpipes didn’t drain that fast

Leaving stranded the ark’s inhabitants, even after the rain had passed.

How could Noah ever tell when it would be safe to step foot on ground?

He searched about for a messenger, and the dove he found to be sound

As Noah’s scout and messenger the dove could fit that role

For the dove is loyal, the dove is true, the dove sticks to its goal

Off she flew, that gentle dove, off flapping her wings in flight

But, alas, she saw very quickly, there was no dry ground in sight

Back to the ark in a u-turn she headed right away

Alerting all assembled that for now in the ark they should stay

Many days passed, the water ebbed and the ark, it settled low

And so now Noah thought again, perhaps it was safe to go

Once again he sent out the dove, she came back with something green

An olive branch with an olive leaf she’d ripped right off a tree

‘You see,’ she chirped, ‘though the food you feed me might be sweet

Even bitter leaves, if straight from G-d, is for me a better treat.’

The dove accomplished what Noach had given to her as her mission

And thereafter she decided she’d look no further than G-d for her nutrition.

The Democrats and liberals might not like hearing the message of the dove

Which is when it comes to handouts, ‘tis better from the One Above.

So, my friends, I end this poem, allowing you to hear the dove’s lessons

May we merit that straight from G-d that’s where we get our blessin’s.


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Jewish Spectacles-the kind you look through, not the kind you create!
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