Hevel’s End – Self-Defense is Required (Don’t Let Abusers Free!)

I don’t know about you, but I was very troubled for a long time about the death of Hevel.  The innocent man, striving for spirituality, favored by G-d…and then slaughtered because of that by his brother.  I did not like that narrative.  Why didn’t G-d save Hevel, if he favored him?  Where is the Divine protection?!

Many people erroneously think being frum means choosing victim-hood.  Don’t suspect anyone of wrong doing.  Don’t fight back.  Protect abusers.  You know, that whole shpiel about loving, giving and forgiving.

However, those ideas are NOT rooted in the narrative we learn here.  We are told that Hevel had actually the upper hand in the struggle that was happening.  Kayin wanted to kill him and he fought back like a lion.  Hevel had Kayin pinned to the ground.  And that is when Kayin played Mr. Innocent (as do most abusers).  He said, “I won’t hurt you.  Just let me go.”  And Hevel did just that.  He let Kayin go.  Whereupon Kayin stood up, got the upper hand and slew his brother.

G-d gave us life and safety, and He expects us to guard it and protect it.  We are told “Habah L’Hargecha…if someone comes to kill you, you must get up and kill him first.”  It is your obligation.  You, as man, are given the task with guarding your own life.

That finally made sense for me of the Kayin and Hevel story.  Hevel’s mission when attacked should have been to eliminate his moral-deficient murdering brother.  He didn’t…and got killed because of that.

No, my friends, abusers should not be given the liberty to continue their abuse.


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