A Gitte Kvittele, my friends

Today is the day that missives are sent forth from the Heavenly Courts.  Rosh Hashana, judging was done up there in the realms beyond our physical limitations.  We had ten days to protest against any punishments and to beg for leniency.  And then the judgment got sealed on Yom Kippur.  However, the paperwork was being done up until today, giving us time to try to still appeal any negativity and press for more lines of positive outcome for the coming year.  Now, my friends, the paperwork is done and the final decisions are handed out to the angels who will be the messengers to make the rewards and consequences happen over this coming year.  Jewish tradition calls on us to wish each other a “gitte Kvittel” — to get a notification of a good year having been sent our way.  We also have a custom to eat kreplach — kinda like wontons — pastry filled with meat — to signify our hope that our package from Heaven for the year will have the “meat” the good, nourishing treats within it.

So, my blog reader friends, may we merit a Gitte Kvittel — a wonderful package for this year and beyond.


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