The Love of Succos

There are four expressions of love.  You say, through speech, how much you adore the person.  That is Pesach for us — Peh the mouth speaks, the essence of the night is talking and G-d talking to us through His miracles.  The next level is kissing which is symbolized by Matan Torah – Peh el Peh, mouth-to-mouth we got to experience.  Then comes Yomim Norai’m, the high Holy-days.  That is gaze, glancing — when a mere look is enough to convey the sentiments.  And the highest level of love is the hug.

Let’s talk about hugs.  They are unconditional as you don’t see the face of the person you are hugging.  You just bury yourself in the experience of accepting them and having them envelop you.  It is a safe feeling.  It is an act of reeling the other into the embrace.

A hug, at minimum, needs one arm bent to bring the person close.  A succah, to be Kosher must have a minimum of 2 walls and a Tefach.  If you drew it, it might possibly remind you of a hug.

Consider yourself hugged by G-d this Sukkot, my friends.


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