The Owl Gives a Hoot About Us — Perek Shira

[continuing in Perek Shira, the Song of the Universe, we come to the Ritzeefee, an owl, and find out what they give a hoot about.]

When the world is asleep, you can hear the Shechina weep

From behind the Western wall

From forests dark and deep when there isn’t any peep

Comes forth an echoing call

The cry goes out, where are my children found?

And from the woods comes hoo-hoo a wailing sound


When hope seems far away, and you can’t imagine another day

Stuck in pain and all seems wrong

Listen well to what G-d does say, hardships are not here to stay

And soon dawn will come along

Listen well to the echo-song of the Retzeefee

Mirroring G-d’s “Nachamoo Nachamoo Amee”


The exile seems so long, and our pain just feels so wrong

How much more can we endure

But a whisper of a song, tells us hold on and be strong

For soon we’ll be secure

Our people will yet have a salvation

“Be comforted, be comforted, my nation”


And a beautiful song on this theme is here:


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