You’ve Got a Mission From COMMAND STATION. Now go do it with what you’ve got.

(Every week, in addition to the Torah reading done in Shul, a Haftorah is read, something from the Prophets that usually has a tie in to the theme that the Torah is talking about.  At times, the Haftorah is tied into Zman-into the time when it is being read.  During the next three weeks, the Haftorah will be from the rebuke of our nation prior to the destruction, where G-d sends messengers to entreat us to return to Him or risk punishment.  Alas, thousands of years later we know what they chose.  Yet, we continue to read these age-old admonitions because the words are for our generation too – either we fix up our ways or….)

This week, the Haftorah is from Yirmeeyahoo [Jeremiah] Chapter 1:  In the month of Av, Yirmeeyahoo got a prophecy which was (verse 5) “Before I formed you in the belly, I knew you, and before you emerged from the womb, I sanctified you as a prophet to the nations.”   Folks, even before we are conceived, formed and born, we have a mission and a purpose in this world we must traverse.  No soul gets sent down without its own unique mission to fulfill.  Yirmeeyahu’s mission was to be a prophet.[1]

Last night I sat up way past the time I should have been asleep because I was busy schmoozing with someone who feels overwhelmed with life’s travails and trials.  There is much discontent with our lives because often we see what others have and what we lack and wonder how that is fair.  I explained to her a fascinating explanation given by Rav Shimon Green, Shlitah.  He says (not his exact words, but his idea), ‘if you had a cast of characters in a play, and one was to play the pirate and one was to play the princess, and when you gave out props and costumes the pirate complained he was given the peg-leg instead of the tiara, you would say, ‘yeah, that’s because for your role you need a peg-leg and not a tiara.’  Everyone has a role and mission in this world.  When we look at what someone else has we should realize they got it because they need it for the role they are to play in this reality show called lifetime missions.  You are given exactly what you need for your mission, the props you need for your role.

Yirmeeyahoo protests that he is too young to rebuke people, but G-d reassures him that he will do so anyway.

A mission we have, that is clear.  Before you and I were born, our souls already had its marching orders. We, however, have the choice of either living up to it or flaking out on it.  Hopefully we rise to the occasion to do it. The props are given by G-d, exactly in the measure and size we need for our mission.  Exactly what we have is what we need to accomplish our life’s mission.

 May we all have the wisdom to realize what our mission is…and hop to it!


[1] Radak points out that his parent’s carefulness in Taharas HaMishpacha, in family purity laws, was what enabled them to bring this special soul to this world to be a prophet.



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