Hitting All Seven Notes – Seven Complete Weeks Counted between Pesach and Shavuos

Seven.  Let’s talk about who knows that number.  We ought to be familiar with it from this week’s Torah portion – seven are the count of the weeks between Pesach and Shavuos.   Just as seven are the days of the week.  And seven are the count of the primary colors.  And seven are the notes of a song.    And seven are the years of the Sabbatical cycle.  And seven cycles of Shemitta years gives us a Jubilee year. Seven “shepherds” to the Israeli nation-flock.  Seven Sefiros – seven forces of spirituality that was imbued into this world of physicality.  Ah, herein is the secret to it all.  Seven is the number pattern to physicality.

Seven = our physical world, all things “tachas Hashamesh” under the sun.

This week, our Torah portion tells us to do the COMPLETE count of seven weeks between the sacrifice of the barley Omer sacrifice of Pesach and the sacrifice of the Shtai HaLechem fine-flour-bread offering of Shavuos.  The point of us counting Sefiras Ha’Omer is not just the count  — it is supposed to be a reminder for us to work out our inner kinks to become more refined beings.

Seven counts of physicality is all fine and good because we take that physicality and we hit higher numbers with them. The count we are enjoined to do for seven weeks is not just about seven complete weeks, it is about completing our potential.  Actualizing our fullest spiritual essence.  Getting beyond this world, to a higher dimension.  Seven, those physical things we can make eternal.

The poetry, the precision, the exact patterning of this world is breathtaking in complexity.


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