Free Choice – Bechira – (Everyone Can Choose Morality, No Insanity Defense)

“The only reason the electromagnetic force does not complete overwhelm gravity in the world around us is that most things are composed of an equal amount of positive and negative electrical charges whose forces cancel each other out.”  So writes physicist Brian Greene in his exquisitely written book, The Elegant Universe.

G-d created the most elegant universe, where there is precision and symmetry beyond belief.  And one of the most amazing things is that the physical and spiritual will mirror each other.  Concepts in physical laws of nature will be aligned with those in spiritual matters.

Just as there are electrical charges whose forces cancel each other out, so too within the spiritual realm.  There is a constant EVEN struggle between good and evil, on a micro and macro level.

Within us are two opposing forces, the force that wants us to debase ourselves and the force that makes us want to shine and impact the world.

The deciding factor, though, is our inner dimension, the Neshama-soul.  That inner point of us is where we decide which force to follow.

Yes, within each person there is an even struggle, but the struggles between person to person will not be the same.  Each person has a fair-handed struggle, but the desires will be different.

To lay claim that “my insanity made me do it” is to try to say that the struggle was not even, that I had no choice in the matter.  That is a lie.  Each person has that even-keeled decision point.

I try to give David Pelzer’s book, A Man Called Dave, to many of the children from abusive homes that I’ve merited to mentor.  I usually accompany it with these words, “If David Pelzer, who was the third worst abuse case in California history, made it and became a loving, giving person, then no one has the right to say they cannot function because of past abuse, that they have an excuse to either not make a productive life or use their past abuse as an excuse to abuse.”

 Bechira, free choice.  Even choice.  We all have it, no matter what our past history. 

May mankind learn to choose to do good.


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