Starting off the day just right

In this week’s Torah portion, we are given a glimpse of the enthusiasm with which the Jews embraced the concept of chipping in and contributing to the building of the Tabernacle.

Chapter 36, verse 3, recounts how they brought the offerings “baboker, baboker [in the morning, in the morning].  Seems each day brought new determination to be able to give and each day they found something else they wanted to contribute.  Rav Munk talks about the timing of the gift, of it being at the start of the day.

Starting off the day right casts an effect that lasts the whole day through.  In our home, as in many others, when someone would begin kvetching their day through, we would say, “he woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”  This week’s Parsha tells us it is not about what side of the bed you wake up on that will have impact.  It is the actions you do first thing in the morning.  If you begin the day with vigor and eagerness to serve G-d, you will be G-d focused throughout your day.

Life is like one of the days.  Baboker, the morning, is when a child is young.  Start your child out with donations, and contributions, with learning how to give and share.  Let your child’s earliest years not be wasted in front of TVs.  Rather, give your child opportunities to spend the “morning” of his/her life connecting to spirituality, so that the experience can be taken well into afternoon and even evening.



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