Perek Shira — Livyason, King of the Sea Sings

[The Livyason, that monstrous big fish which is being saved for the meal of the Tzadikim/righteous in days to come, sings out, “Hodu La’Hashem Kee Tov  – Praise G-d for He is good”. ]

The food chain starts with things quite small

And wends its way up to the big and the tall

And the biggest thing is the mighty Livyasan

The fish which eventually Tzadikim will feast on

And that big fish, the Livyason sings out with rhythm

Thank you, Hashem, for Your wonderful ecosystem

For the plankton feed the copepods which feed the crustaceans

Which are then eaten by groupers, who by bigger fish get eaten

And even the biggest creatures alive can thrive

When the littlest of planktons get to survive

And for this careful balance put in place, Hodu is said from the sea

Kee Tov, it is real good, the world’s ecosystem unity.


Notes:  Perek Shira is the Song of the Universe where the forces/objects/creatures of the Universe sing each day praises to G-d.  There is a website of Divrei Torah that has some amazing insights into Perek Shira, which you can check out here:

 Kee Tov, for He is Good.  How do you interpret what “good” is?  If you go to the site, you can hear a wonderful lecture by Rabbi Becher which explains Lashon/language and how to interpret things and how the Hebrew words are the building blocks of the world. []  One of the rules is that the first time the word is used in the Torah it describes the essence of the word.  So, the first time Tov is used in the world is about unifying, about bringing forces together, a cohesion.  And the only day where Tov is NOT used is the day where there was a separation – a pushing apart of something.


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