Nation of the Book

When you remove books from the equation,

the nation of the book only wavers somewhat

Because oral lessons of each generation

can maintain a Jewish soul stalwart.

And when enemies kill those who teach,

the new generation is ignorant , but yet

Jewish spirituality stays beyond reach

the Jewish soul emerges triumphant.


A thirst, a yearning, a dedication

Etched within our soul

An indelible spiritual connection.


Each soul, each man another virtual link

Written in our hearts, etched in neural synapses

A nation of the book, the book is not of ink.


Embedded deeply within

Is where the letters are written.



Author Shaina Medwed quotes one of her teachers who told her that “when a Jewish person meditates long enough, they start burping up matzo balls.”   How many accounts abound of folks so far off the path of our tradition, so far removed from any education, suddenly feeling and knowing the Almighty.  Talk about invisible ink suddenly becoming legible once held to the heat and light!



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Jewish Spectacles-the kind you look through, not the kind you create!
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