“Anyone who has shame, will not quickly do wrong.”

 Each one of us has inside of us a little right and wrong monitor.  We are born with it.  Yet, sometimes we dull it,cover it up and completely move past it.  It is like turning off your radar detector…then not knowing when you are being caught speeding.  The first dirty word comes out quite strange from the mouth.  Use it a few more times, and it becomes easy to roll off your tongue.   Soon you don’t even realize you are using it…and sometimes even slip up and use it in front of everyone.

In Paroh’s dream, he saw a group of skinny cows coming and standing still, watching some contented, fat cows.  Upon seeing the intruders, the fat cows became wary, stopping their munching and staring uneasily.  The skinny cows, however, just stood there, not doing anything, so the fat cows went back to grazing.  As soon as the fat cows got used to the skinny ones being there, the skinny cows opened their big mouths and completely swallowed up the fat cows.  Chick-Chock, all gone, faster than you can say “MOO”.

The Yetzer Hara[1] uses the cow tactic, too.  First the thought of doing wrong comes there and stands in our mind for some time, like a guest.  We don’t act upon it.  As a matter of fact, we would be horrified to carry out some thoughts.  We stand in a place watching people do wrong things, thinking we would never do it.  Yet, if we stand there long enough, or if we let a thought be in our mind long enough, the second we aren’t wary, “Gulp” — we’re swallowed by our desires, doing the things we would never, ever, have dreamed of doing.  If you’re embarrassed by a thought or by watching your friends do something wrong, the shame is a warning bell.  Don’t be a fat cow and ignore the warning signs.  Charge at it.  Get the bad thought out of your head.  Get yourself away from a place where Aveiros[2] are beingcommitted.  Get yourself on the attack…or risk being swallowed by temptation.

[1] Evil Inclination

[2] sins

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