Plugged In — Staying Fully Charged

(Repost… due to Elul’s potential for us to realize we need to recharge…)

Many have experienced this thanks to Storm Sandy – that moment when your computer runs out of backup juice.

Tonight, as I began typing on my computer a pop-up blared to me that I was low on power.  I put my cord into the power strip and thought all was good.  But, just a few moments later, my computer went black.  I  looked down and noticed I hadn’t plugged in the power strip.  I wasn’t connected to any electrical source.

In today’s technology age, we can turn to our electronic devices for some lessons.  So long as we are plugged in to electrical power, we are “on”.  When we end up disconnected, though we might have “power” for a short while, eventually we run out of juice and end up shutting down. Have those days?  I do – when you just feel so distant, so down and dark, so disconnected.  When I feel that way, it usually is because I’ve allowed my juices to run low without recharging my spirituality. On down days, try to find a way to plug yourself in.

My uncle learned in pretty solid Yeshivot when younger.  He “disconnected” a long while ago due to bitterness.  When talking to him, what amazes me is how much of a Torah ignoramus he is – despite his solid education.   He asks questions that even a cheder boy  can answer, and misquotes far and wide both scripture and laws.   Where did all his past learning go?  You see, even knowledge does not last once “disconnected”.  Eventually it fades. Inspiration is the same way.  It can burn bright within us and then slow die away as we disconnect from that source of inspiration.

In fact, we are told that when we learn, we should be “mechapes” we should search and find something we can take practically from the lesson and implement it right away.  For lessons, learning and inspiration will die away unless we figure out how to stretch it into live, turned-on practice.  We have to “plug in” our souls at all times.

May each of us merit to figure out how to stay “plugged in” with learning and with doing mitzvot and ultimately to G-d.


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