Daiyah (wants to nix the good works)

[In some previous posts I introduced you to the Raiyah and the Aiyah and the Chasidah.  Here is another ornery bird to meet.]

Negative character traits can be found in another bird unkosher.

That the world has maxed out on good deeds she is so sure

Any time there is a call to do good, to take up a cause and give

She caws ‘why can’t all you do-gooders just finally let us live.

“Daiy, enough,” she cries, “haven’t we done more than our share

“Stop talking about doing good, too much asking is no fair.”

Always cawing, always complaining, after every Tzedaka solicitation

“Daiy,” she caws, “daiy,” she cries, recruiting others to non-participation

Because she stops others from going ahead and getting good work done

This ornery bird, the Daiy’ah, joins the list of food that we shun.

[What is most interesting is that the Daiy’ah has the option of just not joining in the good work.  However, she doesn’t want to be the only one not so good, so she tries to convince others not to get involved.  And that is completely unexcusable.]

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