Raiyah – Little Miss Negativity

Perched on a branch in Babylon

Sits a bird with her sight right-on

From miles away she can see

Myriad types of misery

She looks out for rot and decay

Finding negatives makes her day

Which is why on a Jewish menu she won’t be

Never Kosher is the trait of Negativity.

[This is a continuation of a previous post, where I explained that a few birds have kosher simanin/signs but are considered non-kosher because of their warped personalities.  The Ra’aya, from the root word of see, is a bird that has extremely long-distance keen sight, which could be a gift.  However, this bird looks for dying things with her sight, focusing on the negative aspects of the world, which is why Jews will not eat this bird.]

For a discussion on what the signs of a kosher bird are, you can read this article: http://rabbikaganoff.com/archives/1609

or go to this great handout for a more in=depth outline of kosher guidelines in animals: http://www.theshmuz.com/pdf/tbtm_kashrus_handout_3.pdf


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