Kind to All

[Quick notes:  Chesed means kindness, of which Avraham was the paragon, doing for everyone, of his ilk and of any stripe and color. Some folks think they are kind when they do favors for their friends only.  And that is where the Chasida, a bird that is kind only to its kind, teaches us that we are wrong.]

The Chasida

There is a generous bird good at the art of giving

It seems through her acts that a Chesedik life she’s living

But the Chassida is only nice to her friends

And that is where her Chesed ends

So although she’s called a Chasiddah

She is quite a meanah.

OUR LESSON:  Chesed has to be done for everyone, not just to our friends.

[back to the postscripts and aside notes scribbled.  What is fascinating is that there are some birds that should be kosher, they have the kosher simanin/signs, but we consider them unkosher because of some aspect of their personality disorders.  I’ll hopefully introduce them to you in a different post someday.  But the bottom line to remember is that to be “kosher” you gotta have your personality in the right order.  You have to be a positive, giving, loving human being!]



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