Masay — a tale of journeys

This week we have a double portion Torah reading.  The second Parsha read is Massay, which translates into “their journeys”.  It literally lists all the places that the Jews traveled.  They went from point A to point B to point C…

We know Torah is not an itinerary.  It is a guide to us how to live our lives.  Any word, any verse, any lesson in the Torah is put there if it is “hutzrach l’doros” — needed for future generations to learn a lesson.  So, you might ask, what lesson can one learn that G-d recorded the many travels of the Jews in the desert?

Many societies and value-systems think results and end-destination are all that matters.  It is all about “did you win or not”.  Think of our entertainment culture — we are always wanting to look for the winner.

Judaism sees things way differently.  The process actually has value.  The struggles.  The slogging through the day to day mundane.

And, that is why the Torah lists the journeys.  For journeys have value… and reward!

Enjoy the journey, my friends, for even if you never reach your promised land in your lifetime, that journey means so much to your Creator.



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