The Frog Sings

repost…[continuing on in our Perek Shira outlines, here is the stanza of the frog.  Frogs are considered the examples of going above and beyond when putting their lives at peril for the sake of G-d.  In fact, frogs were the inspiration that Chananya, Mishoel and Azarya followed when they refused to bow down to the idol of Nevuchadnezer.]


Frog Image courtesy of High Design


Bumpy frogs, jumpy frogs with cold and clammy skin

Puffed up bellies, pop-out eyes and legs so very thin

Not considered handsome, frogs are viewed as yuck

Because they have big warts and squelch in mud and muck

But frogs love G-d, His will they jump to obey

Even when they’re asked to give their life away

No matter what G-d asks of them, frogs they jump and do

Even when G-d tells them to hop in boiling stew

Leaping frogs, swimming frogs, their back legs like a spring

But most of all, amazing frogs, is the way you sing.

Next time you hear a frog croak, his message will be clear

If you know the translation of the ribits that you hear

“Baruch Shem Kevod Malchuso L’Olam Va’ed.”

Bless G-d, say the frogs, whether He wants us live or dead.


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