False Rabbis Destroy Our Orchard – But we can find the right leaders!

“Echezoo Shu’alim, Shu’alim Ktanim…”[Small foxes have grabbed a hold of us…] (Song of Songs 2:15)

There’s this idealistic group of girls who wanted to not just merely say Shir HaShirim, but to also learn what it was they were saying and so was born the Shir Hashirim weekly study group.  Gathered around a table one week, they came to the verse which describes some marauding little foxes which begin to nibble and eventually destroy a wonderful orchard.

In this verse is a lament of the tragedy of our current exile.  Using Seforno[1] to explain the verse we learn that Shu’alim symbolizes those non-qualified rabbis, you know the ones who cause the most damage to us.   In Yiddish we call it “tzadik in the peltz” a man who walks around in rabbinical garb, without a pure thought in his mind or soul.  Ketanim – they are small, don’t have the right Mesorah and therefore they are Mechavlim, they destroy us because they don’t teach us Torah law the right way.  The end result is disaster “Uchramaynu Smadar” our orchard, the beauty of our nation’s observance, becomes destroyed because we don’t know anymore what is right and wrong, turned away from true Halacha and Torah because of the misquoting and wrong guidance.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov[2] said that the ones who do the most harm to Judaism are not those who fight against it, necessarily.  Rather, it is those who parade righteousness, cloaking their bitterness and warped ideas behind their guise of Tzidkus.

What is one to do when this verse comes true in our time?  We turn here and there, and it seems that we lack leaders who are more than just foxes.  You talk to the average Yankel and he’ll tell you of his disillusionment and his feeling of a lack of clear cut pure guidance, that most times money or power or honor color what is being touted as Torah.

We must then look to the next verse to figure out what to do when those foxes are busy nibbling our orchard.  The next verse is a rejoinder of the Jewish nation that says, even when this happens, we will hold onto our love for G-d and G-d holds out for our loyal love.  If we do so, hold on fast and tight to our heritage, not swayed by false leaders, then we see Ro’eh Bashoshanim, the real sweet-smelling folks who are sincere and can lead us to G-dliness.  We can undo the harm of the Shu’alim by finding these Shoshanim.  That means, don’t look for rabbinical figureheads and warped Jewish law guidance.  If you are sincere in your quest of truth and a G-d-based life, you will merit to find those sweet-smelling special people, whose souls and hearts are straight and pure.

May we all merit to find rabbinical guidance and influence that is based on true Torah

[1] For a profile on Sforno, you can click here and read http://www.artscroll.com/Products/SFPH.html

[2] For a description on who he was you can click and read http://www.breslov.com/en/index.php?title=Breslov_on_the_Internet!


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One Response to False Rabbis Destroy Our Orchard – But we can find the right leaders!

  1. Shaindy Lunger says:

    This is so true and so beautifully written. The reason this piece caused me to write is because of the hope it generates. “But we can find the right leaders.” The first part of how ” False Rabbis Destroy Our Orchard” is so true and so unfortunate. Yet, we’re not left dangling. Hashem in His kindness ensures that we’re not left out in the cold. Thank you so much for articulating so eloquently an important message of hope.

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