Glatt Kosher for Halacha — All Else The 99-cent Store

Glatt Kosher.  Mehadrin Min HaMehadrin.  Meticulousness to a higher standard of Halacha.  At a greater cost.  To what purpose, ask many folks.

That would be a great question coming from me.  You see, I’m the one who likes shopping in 99-cent stores.  If an outfit costs more than $10, I don’t really want it.  I don’t like pretentiousness in mannerisms either.  Not that I pick my nose in public – I’m not that uncouth.  Yet, I believe in freedom to set my table on whim, with forks at times on the left, at times on the right, and horrors, sometimes just plunked mid-table for all to reach and get.   I use a shopping cart to get my groceries instead of paying for extra delivery charges.  I slouch.  In general, I don’t memorize the minutia that makes someone ‘upper crust’ societal fare.

That is the lead-in to something I need to tell all who bellyache about glatt kosher standards, about extra vigilance in matters of Halacha and in extra costs associated with higher standards in observance.  You might be hypocritical.  And that can cost you on judgment day.  Let me explain:

Shaul, the first-ever Jewish king, had a very soft heart.  When came the time for him to wipe out Amalek, he just could not bring himself to kill innocent animals.  He failed in the mission given him by G-d.  Shaul could have gotten away with that sin.  His defense was that he had so much pity, was a man of great compassion.

Time a’passed.  Came a day, when in a fit of rage, Shaul wiped out an entire city of people.  His defense line was gone.  Where was his great compassion that had led him not to kill animals?  Animals not, but people yes?!  With this one action, Shaul sealed his fate – his defense was meaningless.

All of you out there who are decrying the standards of Glatt Kosher, do you not check the lineage of your china, double-check in consumer magazines your car purchases, research your vacation spots and airline picks and play the stock market only with proper analysts’ “hashgacha”.  Do you not check for the certification that something is 100% wool, or 24K gold or that the diamond you purchase is GIA certified?  Or did you opt for the anything goes, for the attitude of ‘who needs a higher standard for all that’?   Did you ask your kids to make honor roll – or did simple pass satisfy you?

Why is it that with G-d you want to go the 99-cent store route?  Why is it that on Halacha you have a lackadaisical attitude?

I say, folks, you might want to go my way.  99-cent stores for everything from dishes to socks.  For Halachah, get the brand name only.


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