Rabbeinu Bachya on What Causes Us To Flake Out on G-dliness

A little bit of studying today about what might possibly block folks from doing the G-dly right thing.

Rabbenu Bachya writes in Chovos Halevavos [Duties of the Heart] there are three things that might make a person not keep the Mitzvos [commandments].

1.  A person might not understand the concept of Hashem [G-d], that we were created by a Creator who is interested in having us do the right thing.  The more we understand the concept of Hashem the more motivated we might be to do the right thing!  So the first step in keeping what Hashem wants us to keep is to try to learn about what does “Ani Hashem” mean.  Who is G-d and what does He want.  Of course, we can only learn this to the extent of our human mind and not in full truth as we are finite and G-d is infinite.  Yet, glimmers of who G-d is can be accessible to us through learning.

2.  Some people sin and don’t do the Mitzvos simply because they don’t know what the commandments are.  They might recognize that there is a G-d in the world and might even pray, but they are just ignorant and don’t know Halacha [laws].  That is why it is important to learn, so that we can keep what Hashem wants us to keep.

3.   Some people sin even though they know that there is a G-d and know the Halachos, and the reason why is because of fantasies, imagination.  They imagine what glamorous things they will get from doing the wrong thing and get swayed away from the good and pure way.

Just imagine a relationship between man and woman as an analogy for our relationship with G-d.  Some of us won’t fall in love because we never met the person we can love.  Those are the folks who don’t know G-d — they just never got to know G-d.  Then there are those who meet someone they love, but never explore, learn and remember what their loved one likes and wants.  So they bring vanilla icecream when the person abhors vanilla and wants chocolate.  Or other such things.  Those are like the folks who say they know G-d but don’t bother to find out what G-d wants mankind to be doing.  And then there are those in relationships who flake out of the relationship because they think the grass is greener elsewhere or something like that.  Those are the people who don’t follow G-d’s laws because they imagine perverted lifestyles will give them more glamour.

Okay, so here are our marching orders.  We must explore the world, history, laws of nature, perfection of the universe and find G-d so we know G-d.  We must then learn what G-d demands of us in a relationship.  And we must always remember, there is nothing more pure and whole, nothing more perfect, than listening to a Perfect Infinite G-d.


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  1. Gregory says:

    Jewish sunbeams really shed light, educate ,enlighten ,and brings ones thinking on track by a great deal changing his mind setting.They are really fabulous and awesome.

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