Recipe For Life

I was interviewing this idealistic gentleman about his involvement in good deeds.  He didn’t want his name used, but his insight was too good to just ignore.  Here it is…and I tell it to you the way he told it to me.

‘In life people are always looking for recipes.  Some are looking for recipes on how to lose weight, how to make money, how to make a potato kugel.  But most of us, all of us, want to know the ultimate recipe — how to live life.

Our Chachamim {sages} say, ‘If you want to know how to live life, just die.’  And no one challenges that statement.  No one comments on it.  Because it is so obvious.

In this life what would you die for?

For your spouse?  Your children?  Your religion and belief system?

There is your answer.  Same passion for what you would die for, that is for which we should live passionately.   The recipe for life is finding what is worth dying for…and then living for it.’




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