Some of My Father’s One Liners or Short Lessons

This week was my Father’s one-year Yahrtzeit and to honor his memory I am posting some of his short little lessons…. along with my longer explanations right after it 🙂

 Fly beneath the radar.

You see, when you have a mission in enemy territory and have to get there without being spotted, you are told to fly low, beneath the radar.  When you want to do something that the bad forces won’t like, when you want to score a direct hit against evil, do it quietly, stealthily, beneath the radar.


If you dial even one number wrong when calling someone, you get the wrong number.

Ya’ see, details do matter in everyday reality.  They matter, too, in spirituality.


Mazel our cow had no clothing. The closer you are to an animal the less clothing you need.

   No wonder we kids had no problem wearing long sleeves and tights!


If only one person in a marriage decides there will be Shalom Bayis, there will be Shalom Bayis.


 If you do a favor for someone, they will resent you. It is natural for a person not to want to feel that they owe something.

Not only did some folks resent me when I did for them, they backstabbed me, too.  But I expected it, having learned this truth from my father.

You have no idea what Chesed it is that Hashem lets us even daven to him.

 About Tikkun HaMiddos: “Everybody should hire someone to scrape a fork against a pot until they train themselves not to let the noise bother them anymore”.

 Note –my father did that – sat behind folks who chewed with their mouths open so that he could learn to tune it out and not be bothered by it anymore.

 If you blow your influence outwards, your yiddishket won’t cool down. That is why Saks Fifth Avenue has blowers at their entranceway.

How to raise kids and create a  home where the “bren” for Judaism never cools down.  You don’t risk your kids by having them influence others.  If they are the influencers, they are not so open to being influenced the wrong way.

    If you go to Siberia and don’t prepare for it, you are going to freeze to death.

Prepare for what life might throw you.  Prepare your kids for what life might throw them.

            You are not going to get punished for the Avayra sometimes – you will get punished for going to the place where you were bound to do that Avayra.


     My mother didn’t have music so she sang while she did her dishes.

              You can’t engage mouth and hands at the same time.


               About Hachnasas Orchim:   You aren’t obligated to give the best.               You are obligated to share what you have.     How many rooms do you need in your house not to have room for guests?


       What’s the alternative?   People say “S’iz Shver tzu Zan a Yid”;            but you think “s’iz gring tzu zan a goy?!


   When passing the joggers in NYC: “And they say Torah demands much.   If the Torah would mandate this they would say it was too hard and Torah is cruel. But see how they can put in the work for their mishigas.”


                                    Those in the next world don’t need our Toivos.                            We better worry about our own next world.


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2 Responses to Some of My Father’s One Liners or Short Lessons

  1. Princess Lea says:

    These sound so familiar . . . my Zeidy didn’t talk much, but he just managed to exude those same messages.

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