The Elephant’s Song

[This  is for children and the child in all of us.  In Perek Shira there is outlined what each force in nature sings on a daily basis.  The Elephant sings:  Mah Gadloo Ma’secha Hashem, two verses from Psalm 92.]

Many animals are strong, but the elephants are way stronger

And of the many noses you can find, theirs are way, way longer

Tough skin, floppy ears, their wrinkled legs cut wide

Plod, plod, shakes the ground as they move with heavy pride

And now and then they raise and wave their hosey-noses so long

And towards the sky, through that nose, they bellow out their song

We are big, it seems, they roar, but bigger are G-d’s creations

The vast galaxies are much larger than our wildest imaginations

So if you and I ever think we’re big, this lesson we should recall

Within G-d’s large universe, even elephants know they’re quite small.


Some sites where you can get more information about Perek Shira:


Here is a song rendition of these words: (please note he got the words Ma’asecha wrong in his pronunciation)



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