The Place Where You are Standing “Kodesh Hoo”

G-d calls out to Moshe and Moshe says “here I am”.  Are we ready to say “here I am – ready to do what You want” when G-d calls on us?  Avraham was ready.  Moshe was ready.  G-d tells Moshe to take off his shoes, “because the ground where you are standing is sanctified ground” (chapter 3, verse 5).  The Maharal says that many people think, “I’ll be a Tzaddik when I live in Israel.  I’ll do great things, when I become a millionaire.”  This is silly.  Because “the place where you are standing” any place you are at in life, “kodesh hoo” (is sanctified)  – has the capacity for being used for great things.  Any situation you find yourself in, any stage in your life, Kodesh Hoo, can be uplifted.   The choice is ours, not our circumstances.


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