If We Just Knew How Much G-d Loves Us…

Mispronounced, Misunderstood, but Beloved

There is a verse in Shir Hashirim  which states “V’digloh Uleiy Ahava – and His flag is above me with love.”  We are taught that one way of understanding this phrase can be to say Digloh is not referring to a banner, but that G-d is saying Liglugo, a person’s mispronunciation as they pray to Him, is still beloved to Him.

When email first came about with all its cute quirky 🙂 smiles, 😉 winks and acronyms, I was a novice at it.  I still am to a large degree.  Yet, there is one shorthand text statement I have learned well.  That is because I had unburdened myself to someone about snafus and my absent-minded nature.   The person responded with a big LOL.  And I thought, wow, how thoughtful, the person is sending me Lots of Love.  This made sense for me to assume as my trademark signoff for most of my phone calls and emails is “love lots”.

I am sure the individual who sent me a LOL and now reads that I interpreted it to mean love is now ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing).  And I would assume it was a good enough goof-up to merit at least a SCFY (small chuckle from you).

How does this tie in to Shir Hashirim and Shlomo Hamelech’s description of how much G-d loves us?  Over time, I’ve gotten to meet many folks who are being challenged in their marriage.  Strife, insults, unfulfilled expectations, even instances of abuse – I’ve seen it all.  Yet, one thing stayed the same no matter which marriage was being surveyed.  I heard from women the deep pain they felt when their husbands didn’t tell them in a million different ways how much they were loved.  Each woman I know who left a relationship would have stayed on, if only she had heard those words loud enough, “I love you, my wife.”   That reassurance of undying love, no matter what, is enough for most women.

Which leads me back to Shir Hashirim.  G-d here in this verse reassures us of the constancy of His love.  Whether we get the words straight or not when we talk to Him, whether or  not we mangle our words, whatever the goof-up in our direct communication to G-d, it is all love to Him.  G-d doesn’t laugh out loud at us.  When we send Him our “emails”, His response is always about Love.

If only we understood just how much we were loved, none of us would leave our relationship with Him.



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