Responsibility in Youth

[based on a concept by Shlomo HaMelech who says Fortunate/Happy is the man who carried a burden in his youth.]


 Through the arched window I caught sight of you, sister tree,

Sitting catty-corner to a huge plasma TV

Shading the intricacies of a plush Persian rug

You stood tall in your planter, feeling sheltered and smug

And while you basked in warmth and I shivered from cold

It is hardships I’ve lived through which ensured I don’t fold.

Alas for pampering and for luxurious lives led

For it robs one of skills to survive challenges ahead.

Yes, I have suffered much sorrow on cold gritty streets

learning grace to bow under heavy winter sleets

I’ve had to conquer a gate, engulfing it with tough bark

Propagated a future by seeding Central Park

Whilst you, one day, had your owner jet off on vacation

Leaving a housekeeper to tend to your domestication

Who somehow, someway, slipped her mind, didn’t water you

Oops, your growth is now stunted, your life unable to continue

Next thing you know, you were placed out here next to me

Unable to survive and thrive out here, poor cosseted tree.


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Jewish Spectacles-the kind you look through, not the kind you create!
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