Creation of World – Parshas Braishis

We start again, the cycle of learning with Parshas Braishis which begins with the Hebrew letter Bays which is the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  We do not start with Alef, with number one, with the first letter, for there is a limit to how far back to the origin of the world a human mind can grasp.  We can only understand from creation onward and not anything previous for we are finite with finite intelligence.

The Torah begins with the story of creation of the world.  All the world was planned out on day one with all the “building materials” put into existence.  It was creation of Yaysh Mee’ayin – of existence from nothing.  The rest of the days were setting up the world with the matter created the first day.

Rabbi Amnon Yitzchok – proof of G-d in one word:   YOU.  You did not create yourself.  Therefore, some force had to create you.  At a certain point in going backward in the history of the world, you have to get to Infinite – to a Being that Created the matter of the world.  Even those who believe in the “big bang” are stupid because they don’t take their reasoning fully to the end.  What banged?  Even if you said gases collided and created the world, you would have to answer, where did those gases come from   And if gases existed, they had to be created – hence you have to admit eventually that there is a Creator.

But, my friend, I would suggest you go to this link and take time to hear Rabbi Amnon Yitzchok discuss science and evolution.  Just a warning — the first four minutes of the clip are just promotional material.  The actual program is four minutes into the clip.

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